which insurance is best for travel
which insurance is best for travel

Which insurance is best for travel?

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If you’re thinking about which insurance is best for travel then there is no universally applicable best plan for travel because they’re tailored to your requirements. Yet, your travel insurance policy should provide adequate protection and include at least the essentials including medical emergencies, cancellations, and interruptions to your trip.

Also, do some research and ensure that you purchase insurance for travel from a reputable business. While we can’t pick a plan to suit your needs, we will help you find out where you should look, and also what are looking for in the policy.


Best Travel Insurance Companies

Some of the top travel insurance firms include:

  • Allianz Travel Insurance.
  • European Assistance.
  • Generali Global Assistance.
  • IMG Travel Insurance.
  • HTH Travel Insurance.
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance.
  • Seven Corners.


AXA is among the top companies in travel insurance. They offer plans to travelers all over the world. AXA provides travel and medical insurance plans for single and multiple travels abroad, in addition to annual policies. It is possible to select a policy that is designed for couples, families as well as solo travelers as well as backpackers.

Prices can vary depending on the region you’re from, where you’re traveling to, as well as the length of your travel, but you could only pay $2 per day for a month-long journey to Europe for instance.

You can buy an online plan or visit one of their retail stores located in either Europe, the US, or Europe.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Another company that operates in a variety of countries around the globe is Allianz. You can pick one of the One Trip annual or Single Trip travel plans along with their Rental car plans.

In addition, if you’re traveling in Covid periods, you may receive additional coverage for the epidemic, that will cover travel disruptions as well as medical emergencies that are related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance is a provider that focuses on European travelers as well as travelers in the Schengen Area. Beyond the usual one for health and travel, EA also claims to aid you in planning your trip, assist your travel plans and assist you in returning to your home in safety.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance is the US division of Europ Assistance, offering travel insurance and assistance for American citizens traveling abroad. GGA provides travel aid, assistance with managing risk in travel, and identity theft protection as well as identity theft protection.

IMG Travel Insurance

IMG provides coverage for benefits like medical emergency evacuation repatriation, reunion, and emergency assistance services along with travel insurance. You can select from a variety of different plans based on your country of origin and destination(s).

There are differences in the pricing depending on whether you require protection for coverage in the US. or not. can use the comparison tool on their website to evaluate the various plans available.

HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance is a US-based firm that provides travel health insurance that includes surgery, hospital care visits to the doctor’s office medical evacuation, and prescription medication. The plans, however, are only accessible only to US residents.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

The World Nomads is a top choice for frequent travelers or backpackers, adventurers, and digital nomads. The plans they offer provide medical emergencies, evacuations as well as emergency assistance. There are even a variety of adventure activities (for an additional fee and of course).

Seven Corners Travel Insurance

It is a different American-based company, but they provide a variety of plans designed for non-Americans who are traveling to the US and for American residents traveling beyond the US. The plans they offer to cover medical emergencies, trip interruptions as well as loss of possessions.

What is a Travel Insurance Policy Include?

A travel insurance policy must give you sufficient coverage to meet your basic needs on your trip:

  • Medical emergencies coverage
  • Trip disruption (cancellation, delay) coverage
  • Protection against loss of personal possessions
  • Insurance coverage for emergency evacuations or repatriation

Then, you can add your policy by purchasing what’s called “add-ons”. This means that in addition to the “basics” package you may choose to pay more so that you are covered for items that are not usually covered by a typical insurance policy for travel like skiing, winter sports, expensive equipment, and, liability.

How Much Is Travel Insurance Protection Should I Purchase?

There is no set amount of insurance coverage you should purchase since it all depends on:

  • Your destination. In certain countries, including the European Union’s Schengen Zone, you need at minimum EUR30,000 worth of health insurance, however, you can get more. In some countries, like the US where the cost of healthcare is extremely expensive, a policy of $30,000 max may not be enough assistance if you need to get extended medical treatment. It is possible to spend $30k and be left with hundreds (if instead of hundreds) of thousands of dollars of additional medical expenses.
  • The length of your trip. If you’re only planning to spend just a few days in another country there is no need for an unlimited policy of one million dollars however, it might be needed for lengthy trips.
  • What you’ll be doing during your trip. If you intend to participate in many risky activities, like skiing, camping or surfing, scuba diving, etc., a greater insurance maximum is logical because of the greater chance of being involved in an accident.

Health insurance policies offer various amounts of coverage starting at $20,000 and going up or up to millions.

The maximum policy limit is the maximum amount the policy for travel will pay in case of any damages or accidents that occur during your travels. Naturally, policies that have greater protection will cost more and you are the one who decides the amount you’re prepared to spend.

What is the cost of a travel Insurance Policy Cost?

The cost typically ranges from 4 to 12 percent of the total price of your journey. It’s contingent on:

  • The total price of your excursion. If you’re planning an expensive trip, the insurance plan will be more costly if you have to file a claim, it will be more expensive for the insurer money to compensate you.
  • Your coverage want/choose. If your plan provides only basic health coverage the cost will be lower than if you add other elements as well like travel cancellation baggage, terrorist acts, or other sporting activities.
  • The length of time you’ll be away. This policies are typically priced per day, which means a 30-day trip is more expensive than if you were traveling for a week or a couple of days.
  • Your destination. Since certain activities or countries are riskier and therefore the price of can vary according to your destination.
  • Are you implementing a single or a group policy? If it’s a collective policy, what number of people are covered under your plan?
  • The cost of travel plans rises as an age-related customer. Therefore, those who are over 65 have to spend more money for the policy (since they are more likely to file a claim) and extremely young children may get added onto the parents’ insurance plan without additional costs.

What is the Best Time to Purchase Travel Insurance?

You must purchase at the time you reserve your trip or at minimum two weeks before your departure. It will be in effect at the time you plan to travel, however during the interim you’ll be covered if your trip is delayed, canceled, or you encounter another issue.

In addition, when the time for your departure gets closer, you’ll probably deposit more money so that you will be able to continue including them in your insurance. However, if you buy your insurance in the final minute, you may not be eligible for complete coverage.

Understanding the different types of travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance to cover Medical Emergencies. This kind covers the cost of medical treatment on your travels, for such things as:
    • Services for emergencies, like ambulances and ER
    • Surgery procedures
    • Visit the doctor
    • Hospitalization
    • The cost of prescription medications and medicines
  • Travel Insurance to cover Trip Disruption. It is recommended to purchase trip interruption insurance to ensure that if you need to postpone your travel plans or if your trip is delayed or cut short it is not possible to lose all the money you have invested in your trip. A great trip disruption insurance policy should include:
    • Trip cancellation coverage.
    • Trip interruption insurance.
    • Incomplete departure coverage.
    • Trip delay coverage.
  • Emergency Travel Insurance to Avoid Evacuation or Return. With this type, if you get sick or are in an illness that requires you to be evacuated, it will cover your expenses.

For more information, read this article.

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